Agrifutures Australia – Provenance Stories for Success

In a project funded by AgriFutures Australia, we worked on a wide range of resources to help Australian producers in using storytelling and provenance technology to share their brand’s sweet spot.
Graphic Design | Provenance Storytelling | Training and Workshops
Madeleine Florin
“Honey and Fox tailored and delivered an excellent Provenance Storytelling Masterclass for a group of small-scale farmers in peri-urban Sydney. Working with the team was so enjoyable, the day itself was was a great success – our group  were actively creating, sharing and learning from each other as well as from the course.”
Madeleine Florin
Greater Sydney Local Landcare
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Download reports, guidebook and templates for creating your own provenance story.
Having provenance storytelling technologies help these businesses have better interaction with domestic and overseas consumers while increasing their market share at the same time.
What will you find in our toolkit

We consider our work in this space as ground-breaking, being that it has the most comprehensive set of resources on this topic globally. 

The evident success of this project showed an industry demand for communications and extension activities. With that, our team conducted face-to-face masterclasses, podcasts, webinars, and online workshops to engage producers and businesses. 

As a part of our ongoing commitment to help food and agribusinesses, we are currently developing an online course that will be a part of our My Food Business Academy – which we are launching early this year.  


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