Stories For Success Toolkit

The why, the what and the how of provenance storytelling

Consumer trends and storytelling technologies

This report details recent research about why consumers are interested in provenance stories and the technologies and platforms that are available to help communicate them. This document includes short case studies illustrating how the technologies have been used by food and agriculture producers to support their provenance stories.

Stories for success guide

This handbook provides a decision-making framework to assist businesses to determine how and where to tell their provenance stories, taking into account their target market and audiences as well as their level of expertise and available resources.

Producer templates

These templates provide guidance to individual businesses on how to construct their stories and use them with impact. The templates relate to the decision-making framework in the handbook.

Learn from the success of others

Here is a series of case studies from other food businesses who have used provenance storytelling in their business to make an impact, and the lessons they have learnt.

Producer videos

Unlock the secret to telling your provenance story to build your business, even if you are not a marketing ninja!

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