Creating Customer Focus

Great customer experiences are remarkable!

In today’s hyper connected world customers are your business and brand ambassadors - what they say about their experience impacts directly on your business.  To stand out from the crowd you need to be bold, be brave, and be different!

Customers are a great source of ideas.  Harnesssing those ideas to create a better customer experience is something that many businesses don’t do well or just plain forget about!  Whether you are a start up or a well established business creating and refreshing your customer experiences will not only help ensure repeat business but also achieve new business growth.

We can help you tap into your greatest business asset – your customers.  Who they are, what they are saying about your business and what they expect from you.  Once we know this we can work with you to deliver experiences that best reflect your business and ensure your customers talk about you for years to come.

Coaching and Training

Business growth is escalated through sharing knowledge and experiences.  We can help avoid the common pitfalls in business by learning new skills and developing capability.

We work with you to understand your opportunities and challenges and then tailor a program for your specific needs.  We believe that learning and fun are not mutually exclusive -  so we make sure that your learning journey is an enjoyable one.  Our training and coaching services are delivered interactively in a flexible format that suits your timetable and pace.  That way you can create your own roadmap to success and growth.

Your success is our success so if you want we will stay with you on the journey - providing help when you need it and introducing you to the right people and organisations.

Some of the programs we have delivered include:

- Executive development and leadership programs for food businesses

- International business at a MBA level

- Interactive food retail training programs

- Business and product training programs

- One on one business coaching

Global Business Development

Deciding to take the plunge to develop a global presence for your business?  Trying to work out the best way to do that?  Wondering who you should partner with and whether you can trust them?  These and many more questions can seem very daunting!


Whether you are a startup business specifically targeting a global audience for your product or a well-established company or industry sector looking to expand and grow your international presence we can help you.


Honey and Fox have assisted companies and whole industry sectors to take this journey and we have recently established an office in Shanghai with a senior consultant based there who is highly experienced in the Food and Beverage sector in China and Hong Kong. 


We have helped many businesses undertake market research, build supply chain (importers, distributors /agents) relationships, develop and implement marketing and promotion strategies in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.


Our current portfolio of clients we help in this area include:


- Australian Wild Abalone

- Australian Pork Ltd

- Southern Rock Lobster Ltd

- Meat and Livestock Australia

- Sydney Fish Market

- New Zealand King Salmon

Ideas to Implementation

Continuous innovation is the key to business longevity!

We can help  you become an exciting ideas factory that will make impressive changes to your bottom line and enhance your customer’s experience. Many of the businesses we talk to do not have a shortage of ideas – the problem is the lack of time and resources to implement them.  Sometimes it is a case of not knowing where to start!

Honey and Fox has a track record of success guiding and helping businesses manage the entire journey from idea to implementation.  We help you in generating ideas, prioritising them, testing them, resourcing them and turning them into reality.  We never forget the all important evaluation step so you can measure results and successfully communicate them to the people who matter.

Using a combination of research, insights, processes and people we work at a pace – fast or slow - that is appropriate for your business.  

Digital Media and Communication Services

Digital media is more than just doing a few FaceBook posts and uploading photos to Instagram!  It is not a job for your spare time or to be done as an afterthought.

Fast becoming the lifeblood of business growth, it is important for businesses to have a digital media strategy – one that is flexible enough to respond to the ever-changing media landscape yet ensures strong consistent messaging about your business and brand.  Add in the complexities of a business that crosses languages and cultures and managing digital media can suddenly become overwhelming and resource intensive. In short, many businesses do digital media badly or not at all and so are miss out on exciting opportunities.

With team members who can communicate in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese and Spanish, Honey and Fox can help develop key messages, creative content, online to offline experiences and events, competitions and customer engagement activities – all focused on driving business growth.  Internationally we provide the bridge between our clients and digital communication specialists – ensuring our clients needs and business goals are translated accurately.  

Business Strategy and Planning

All enviable and profitable businesses have a well-crafted and thought out strategy underpinning them.  Business strategy can be likened to the process of building a house - you cannot build the walls, the roof and get to the fun part of interior design until a framework and strong foundation is in place!

That’s where Honey and Fox comes in.  Our team members have all experienced the highs and the lows associated with the reality of running a business.  This coupled with experience working in government and research means that we bring a variety of skills and knowledge to help our clients develop practical and realistic business strategies and plans.

Our bespoke methodology - including interactive workshops, facilitated discussions with your customers, stakeholders, employees and key influencers, commissioning  of targeted market and consumer insight research as well as sourcing and analysing data– ensures that you get a focused strategy with achievable actions within your budget, a practical implementation pathway and the all important evaluation and success measures to get your business where you want it to be in both the short and long term.

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 We achieve results through creative, innovative thinking, and building a relationship with you

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