Our passion is food and the people who produce it

We believe that people should be connected to the source of the food that they eat, and the people who produce it. If you are a fisher, farmer or small food business we can help you tell your story to your customers in compelling ways. Ways that make you money.

We live and breathe the art
of science and marketing.
We like facts and figures
but we also like to have fun
we know you can have it
both ways.

Whether your business is large or small, focused on Australia or overseas, we work with you to create a tailored and practical plan to help you grow your market. You can then choose whether we do it for you, or we teach you how to do it for yourself. Our creative and disciplined team has expertise in market research, business strategy, international negotiation, creative design and digital marketing. It’s simple, we mean what we say and we deliver what we promise.

Our team

Honey and Fox began in 2015, founded on a shared passion for celebrating Australian food and agribusinesses.

Jayne Gallagher

Company Founder / CEO
Jayne Gallagher

Jayne is our CEO and resident business and market development strategist. A keen observer of human behaviour and fascinated by stories of people overcoming odds and defying challenges, Jayne is naturally curious, a lifelong learner and as a proud member of the “perennial generation”.


She is always on the lookout for new (and old) ideas. Combining formal qualifications with experience in business strategy, market development and brand management Jayne brings a unique “sweet and smart” approach to working with our clients.


Her approach is to start with finding the “sweet spot” in a business and then, working with people in that business, to develop and implement smart strategies designed to capitalise on existing and building new business capabilities and market opportunities.


Jayne is recognised nationally and internationally having won awards for her work for strategic industry development and change management programs.


Jayne’s mantra: Be bold. Be brave. Be different.


The Research Society Member

Helen Johnston

Company Founder
Creative Services Director
Helen Johnston

Helen leads our creative services and communications team.


Qualified in user experience design, Helen always approaches creative and communications from the customer or audiences point of view. She loves helping our clients connect with their markets by bringing their authentic provenance stories to life, ones which resonate with customers, in creative and compelling ways.


Helen’s focus is on ensuring that products and/or services respond to customer needs, the communication is targeted appropriately and makes an impact.


Helen has worked with food industries on marketing, branding and digital campaign delivery across local and international markets for nearly a decade.


With an obsessive attention for detail and passion for painting Helen is also a wildlife artist and illustrator. She brings her passion for nature, art and food into her work.


Originally from England, Helen now calls Tasmania home. With a special connection to the ocean, she spends her spare time diving and exploring.



Joanne Freeman

Research and Engagement Director
Joanne Freeman

Our Research, Learning and Engagement Director has extensive experience in resource development and training and is in her element when she is out in the field delivering training to the small business sector.


Joanne is our resident ‘pracademic’ applying her experience in academia developing and running courses in areas such as marketing, international business, export management, cross-cultural management and business analytics. This combined with having owned and run her own business, and her experience in senior roles with government, including the Director of Trade Development and Small Business in Tasmania and as an Austrade Tradestart Advisor in Queensland.


Committed to understanding learning needs and developing relevant training content and approaches to meet desired learning outcomes, Joanne has developed and delivered many multi-mode training programs including Insights to Action, Digital Fishers and Provenance Storytelling.


  The Research Society Member

Erin Murnane

Digital Media & Content Writer
Erin Murnane

Erin is our Digital Media and Content Writer. 

Her strength lies in bringing brands to life through meaningful, magnetic and emotive storytelling – shaping the tone of voice and crafting consistent messaging for some of Australia’s biggest brands. 


Combining her writing experience, creative skillset, and meticulous attention to detail, Erin manages our client’s social media campaigns. Curious, with a thirst for knowledge, she’s constantly learning – staying up to date with the latest algorithm updates and the newest AI. 


Possessing a dynamic skillset and breadth of experience in digital marketing, copywriting and hospitality (as well as owning a small food business), she brings a deep passion, respect, and appreciation for showcasing quality produce across the digital landscape.  


With cookbooks adorning her coffee table and food photos filling her phone, it’s safe to say her heart belongs to the food and beverage industry. While Erin calls Melbourne home, her country roots run deep; happiest when surrounded by nature. 

Mollie McMaster

Online Business Coordinator
Mollie McMaster
Mollie is our Online Business Coordinator.

Leaning on her own experience, Mollie’s excited to help other business owners harness the power of marketing and storytelling to elevate their brands.

While she brings a diverse skill set in marketing, product development, and business management, it’s her knack for juggling multiple responsibilities that makes her the perfect person for the role (and a natural fit in the Honey & Fox Team). 

With an impressive entrepreneurial spirit, unrelenting ambition and a deep passion for supporting food and agricultural businesses, Mollie’s working hard to perfect our online learning academy for premium food businesses.

When she’s not busy setting up email sequences, organising online platforms and creating content, you’ll find her with Floof, her beloved horse, beekeeping or planning her next business venture.

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