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If you are a small to medium food or agri-business, this ‘Stories for Success’ toolkit provides everything you will need to understand how  provenance storytelling can impact your business. Now, more than ever, consumers are demanding to know more about where and how their food and fibre is produced.

AgriFutures Australia engaged Honey and Fox to deliver a suite of resources to help Australian producers to build provenance and improve storytelling to better interact with domestic and overseas consumers, and increase market share. Please enjoy the toolkit below to help tell your story, and build your business.

Your toolkit

stories for success

This Storytelling for Success Toolkit contains a report on Consumers Trends and storytelling technology,  a storytelling guidebook and series of templates to help build your own story and decide what storytelling platforms are right for you and your business:

Consumer trends and storytelling technologies



Learn how other producers have told their story and the impact it has had on their business

Our brains are wired to understand and

retain stories

Producer stories

a series of case studies

We interviewed six Australian food and agriculture companies about their fantastic provenance stories and the impact of telling them through different platforms.

Producer videos

a series of videos

From the provenance case studies, we have developed short videos, to showcase the producer stories.

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