Australian Wild Barramundi


Investigating changes in acceptance of wild-caught Barramundi in the foodservice and hospitality market sectors

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) works toward improving the economic, social, and environmental benefits for Australian fishing through research, development, and other activities.
In a project funded by the FRDC, they engaged us to do market research to find the best ways to get Australian wild Barramundi back on the plates and in the hearts and minds of consumers. Partnering with Curtin University and the University of the Sunshine Coast, we sought the help of the foodservice and hospitality sectors to discuss prevailing issues about wild-caught Australian barramundi and what approaches to take in order to improve market share for this iconic species.  Working hand in hand with fishers allowed us to dive deeper and have more in-depth insights regarding the challenges of the industry and how to bridge that gap. Another obstacle we had to face is understanding what each segment needs from a wild-caught Barramundi product.    Our team worked through a five-step approach of ‘Explore, Talk, Identify, Support and Strategise’ to regenerate interest and let wild-caught Barramundi thrive once more. 

Wild Barra Fisheries, 2020


Georgie Gunn Nutrition

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