Australian Wild Abalone

Australian wild-caught abalone


Whole of industry Consumer Education and Promotion

The Australian wild-caught abalone is a project of the Abalone Council Australia aimed at protecting the declining number of wild-caught abalone.
They plan on achieving this with the cooperation of abalone businesses across the nation in approving a levy on their sales. In turn, this levy will be used to implement the proposed Consumer Education and Promotion (CEP) Program in their five key markets.  Our work for the Australian wild-caught abalone involved developing a market strategy and an investment proposal through the use of in-depth market research, a range of data sources, and an extensive industry and supply chain consultation done nationally.  The investment proposal we had done for them jumpstarted the business case and governance arrangements to establish a national consumer education and a promotion levy. Included in the market strategy are marketing objectives, positioning, channels, tactics, and performance metrics across five priority markets.  
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