A world’s first, securing the future of aquaculture

Ornatas is probably synonymous with the word innovation. They are a passionate start-up business with a fantastic story to tell about revolutionising the ocean and seafood. Looking to mass-produce the world’s first lab-grown Tropical Rock Lobsters, Ornatas focuses on aquaculture and research and development.
They tapped us to provide product and market research and took the company on a market insider study tour to explore positioning, competitors, and opportunities to build relationships.   With the skills and expertise of our creative team, we developed their brand and identity – a brand that would adapt to company growth. Part of that is also the image and video library that features their core values, the science of what they do, and their product.   Our team also built the Ornatas website, providing ongoing strategic advice, stakeholder management, communications and marketing support as the company creates a new aquaculture industry and new market opportunities. 
ornatas-communications brochure
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