Candy Abalone


Born to be wild, a niche wild-caught abalone product

Tasmanian export award winner Candy Abalone pulls their inspiration from long lines of traditions to produce exquisite dried wild-caught abalone.
Aside from being a staple in the local seafood scene, their other key markets are China, Hong Kong, and Singapore – making their dried wild-caught abalone a global favourite.  James Polanowski, one of Candy Abalone’s directors, is a second-generation abalone diver. His father is a pioneer in the industry, and James has worked for him since he was 16. Rooted in the values of traditions, he wants to leave a lasting legacy for his family.  Knowing these core principles and values of Candy Abalone helped us develop their website, create content for their social media, graphic design, and strategic advice.   True to everything our team does, all the assets we produced for them reinforce their brand story – wild, organic, and premium positioning. We also work with Candy Abalone to use technology, including QR codes and 360 technologies, to connect with international customers. 
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