Promoting the importance of Honey Bees

Funded by the Department of Agriculture Water and Environment, managed by Agrifutures Australia and in partnership with Australian Honey Bees Industry Council (AHBIC), Honey and Fox has been engaged to coordinate and deliver extension services for the Australian Honey Bee Industry, promoting the importance of Honey Bees and the work of the beekeepers and industry far and wide.  

The heart of the extension approach is to foster better relationships and interactions between a network of honey bee industry stakeholders, including producers (commercial and amateurs), pollinators, honey processors, packers, supply chain partners, researchers and government agencies.

A few of the core activities developed by Honey and Fox are the launch of the “Beekeeper of the Year Awards” and a series of video and written case studies aimed at creating greater awareness and support for the honey bee industry and the value that they provide to the Australian community, providing a crucial role in food production and supporting environmental sustainability. 

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