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We work with both industry and governments across projects in seafood and agribusiness, to share their fantastic provenance story and help them in finding the right technology for traceability. Their provenance story has proven to be their biggest asset that has changed the course of their business for better!

The Provenance Plus Framework

Proof is one of the most important parts of your Provenance story.​ ​It is all about being authentic and building credibility which will build trust and customer loyalty​.


Features, benefits and value


Origin and environment


Founders and key people


Basis of authenticity

From the customer point of view these are the three most important proof elements:


Knowing that product claims are true


Knowing the origins of the product


Knowing where it came from and how it got to them

“Trust is at a premium right now, with consumer trust at an all-time low. Without trust, credibility is lost, and reputation can be threatened.”

- Edelman Trust Barometer 2021

Using your provenance stories to build your business

More than ever before customers want to know the source of the food that they eat, where it comes from, who is growing and how it is grown – but how do we prove our product provenance?

Interested in learning more about the importance of Provenance?

Our tool kit to telling your provenance story​

Developed with Agrifutures Australia Our Stories for Success Toolkit includes:

  • The latest consumer trends, technologies and platforms
  • Provenance Storytelling Guidebook
  • Producer templates
  • Learn how other businesses have used storytelling to build their food business (Case studies)

Consumer trust drives growth, particularly in the food and beverage industry.

Why do you need a Traceability Chooser?

Who doesn’t like a little help in making our decisions?

To understand your needs

Based on the size and nature of your business

To find and evaluate systems

Which will work best for your business

To select the best system

And find some curated resources to implement it

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